The Witches Brew Scottish Ale

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The Witches Brew Scottish Ale


•Crush and Steep in 1/2 gallon of water (150˚F) for 20-25 minutes

12 oz.Crystal (60 L) malt
3 oz. Light Munich malt
2 oz. Peat smoked malt

•To your brew pot add the following:

The liquid from the steeped grains.
Approximately 1 gallon of water
9.5 lb. Light malt syrup
6 oz. Light brown sugar (any supermarket variety is fine)
2 oz. Cane sugar (regular table sugar).

•Bring all of the above to a boil and then add:

2 oz. East Kent Golding Hop pellets @ 6% Alpha (bittering hops)

Watch out. Once it begins to boil, it froths quite a bit and a boil over on the stove is likely if you don’t pay attention!

•Continue to boil for another 30 minutes and then add:

½ oz. East Kent Goldings hop pellets (Flavor Hops)
1 tsp.Irish Moss

Boil for an additional 15 minutes and remove the pot from the stove.

•Add 2 gallons of cold water to an already sterilized primary fermentor that holds 6.5 to 7 gallons.
•Pour in the hot wort from your brew pot and add enough additional cold water bring the total volume up to 5 gallons.
•When the wort temperature is under 80˚ F pitch your yeast

1 packet (11.5 gm) of Safale dry yeast

•Ferment in the primary for 1 week or until the fermentation slows.
•If using a secondary fermentor, siphon from the primary and leave in the secondary for an additional week.
•Bottle when fermentation is complete using:

¾ cup priming sugar (corn sugar) or 1 cup extra-light DME